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Why us?


Our Vision.


We believe all your energy should be spent on the business you perform, not worrying about whether your office space is clean or not! We want to be known as the most consistent and easiest to work with cleaning company in the Cedar Valley. Our quality of service and taking care of the customer right the first time is very important aspect to us!



Our Staff.


Our staff goes through extensive one on one training. Our staff also will be uniformed at all times. We understand some workers work later in to the evening, having uniformed staffed puts customers at ease. We routinely hold our staff accountable and monitor the cleaning quality of our employees to insure we are meeting customer's expectations. 





Our Eye.


From corner to corner, vent to vent, baseboard to baseboard, your business will have a detailed eye taking care of it. What happens if our eyes didn't catch something? We have stream-lined our communication process in order to be responsive and get any issue resolved the very next time the cleaning service takes place. 

Our Experience.


With years of experience in the cleaning industry, there is not much that we haven't seen. We bring neglected buildings back up to speed and make them shine again. By doing this, these businesses now have a fresh start. The property value goes up, worker morale increases, productivity improves, and your customers will notice too!

Our Chemicals.


Fresh Start Cleaning is committed to the healthier alternatives. We are one of the very few companies in the area focused heavily on green seal certified products. Over 75% of our cleaning products are Green Seal Certified! After all, if there is a product that cleans just as well and is healthier, why not use it? 

Our Contracts.


We work with potential customers on what will work for their individual businesses. We take the time to listen to their needs. We have the ability to develop a cleaning program specific to what type of business it may be. Listening to your needs and setting up a cleaning regiment specific to your business, your facility will always be in top notch shape with it in our hands. Building customer relationships are very important to us!

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